Monday, October 31, 2011

Lousiana Bound

Sunday morning was beautiful in Livingston.  We were both excited because we were headed to Bossier City, LA to see our friends Jim and Elizabeth.  We haven't seem them in five years.  We met them when there daughter, Carolyn lived across the street from us in Wilmington.  Carolyn and her family moved to Columbia, SC five years ago.  Everything was going as planned until we got ready to put the big slide in and it didn't work. This happened to us when we were leaving the RV-Dreams Rally in Tennessee in April.  When it had to be repaired then Carriage sent extra switches.  The spare switches weren't easily accessible since we were preparing for travel but he did quite a bit of unpacking and got the switches.  We have to take all the panels out from under the sink in the kitchen to get to the switches.  After several hours of work we are now ready for travel.  We called Jim and Elizabeth and told them we wouldn't be able to meet for lunch but we should be there around 2:30pm.  The route we took had no rest areas, picnic areas or food places that were big rig friendly.  Finally at 1:00pm we found a convenience store that had a large parking area next to their building which we were glad to see.  We went inside and fixed us a sandwich and had chips, pickles and a drink.  We walked Mitzi and were back on the road again.  We had decided to stay at the Harrah's Louisiana Downs Racetrack.  Elizabeth had checked and it was free.  We arrived there around 4:30.  It was a great spot for free.  Lee tried to start the generator and it wouldn't start.  I tried the slide and nothing.  We are both trying to stay calm.  We decided we should probably find to find a campground where we had electric and Lee could work on the slide and the generator.  We called Jim and Elizabeth and told them what was happening and she asked if we would have time to come over dinner. I told her we would and we would call her when we got checked in at the campground.  I called the Cypress Black Bayou Park and Recreation Area and they had a site that would accommodate our rig.   We got set up and left to go have dinner with Jim and Elizabeth.

She made a casserole, Swiss Cashew Tossed Salad and Apple Crisp with whipped topping.  It was wonderful.  They made all the challenges for the day disappear.  Jim said he would come over Monday morning and help Lee try to fix the slide and they would look at the generator.  

They had to have a cup of coffee to discuss the situation.  No need to rush into anything.  Elizabeth was coming to pick me up and we were going to have a girls day.  When she got here this morning she had made sandwiches for the guys for lunch and had ours was in the cooler in the car so we could decide where we were going to eat.  It was a great day.  I had so much fun with her.  We went back to her house and I got to see the travel trailer, house, yard and then we had lunch.  We called the guys and they had gotten the slide and the generator fixed.  Elizabeth and I did a little more running around and then we headed back to the campground.  We thanked them for a wonderful time and said we would let them know if we decided not to leave tomorrow.  We also said we would not wait five years to see each other again.

                                                               Lee, Elizabeth, Jim

                                                                  Me, Elizabeth, Jim
After they left I put all the things back in the cabinets from the slide out repair and we just sat outside and relaxed.  Lee got out the grill and we had steak and baked potato.  I think we will stay one more night.  The price is right and our site definitely has the "it factor".  Thanks for following us.

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  1. Hope you have no more problems with the slide! Sounds like your trip back to the beach is going well except for the few glitches :)