Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Busy Day

We left our home base of North Topsail Beach, NC on March 20th with an agenda.  Our first stop would be to see Lee's sister in Annapolis, MD from there we would be heading to Millersburg, IN to get some repairs done on our 5th Wheel.  When the repairs were completed we would be making our way to Sevierville, TN for the RV-Dreams rally and from there we would be heading to the town of West, TX for our 6 month workamp job.  We have had a great time here.  We are leaving here on Sunday and will traveling in Texas for about 2 weeks before heading home to see the children for the holidays.

Yesterday I made two loaves of pumpkin bread to take to the office for all of our fellow workampers.  I had made a sour cream pound cake on Sunday to take to Dr Croll's office.  He is the wonderful veterinarian we met when our Yorkie, Sampson got sick.  We lost him on July 11th.  He was most appreciative of the cake.  We got some medicine for Mitzi and said our see ya's.  When we got back Lee started picking up things outside.

While he was doing the outside stuff I made another sour cream pound cake and a veg-all casserole for the get together Joan and John (the owner Charles' parents) were having last night for the workampers.

                                                                       Us &  THE BOSS
We had lots of food and a fun time was had by all. Then it was time to head home walk Mitzi and off to bed.


  1. Hey! Nice to see you got the blog going. Sorry to hear about Sampson :( I bet you'll be glad to get out of Texas for awhile and home to NC. Safe travels!

    I guess you saw we got our home now too :)

  2. I did and it is really nice. I have been reading your blog.

  3. It's good to see that y'all made it through the summer in Texas. I kept hearing how hot and dry it was there. It's been pretty wet here. Travel safe.

  4. Hey there!! :) Nice to see the blog up and running! Glad that you had a good summer. Will be looking forward to hearing about your next adventures. :)