Monday, October 17, 2011

On Friday we had to work 8:00AM till 2:00PM.  Lee went in and worked until 12:00.  I worked from 12:00 until 2:00.

 I cooked chicken and broccoli with pasta for lunch.  I ate before I went to work and he ate when he got home.  He continued to get things ready to go while I was working.  When I got home I started getting things packed up inside and then Dick and Judy came by to tell us the good news about them getting a job in Colorado next summer.  We were very excited for them.

We had to work on Saturday.  Our normal schedule was from 11:00AM until 8:00PM.  We had worked 6 hours for Mindy, the Office Manger so she was going to work from 2:00 until 8:00.  I worked 11:00 until 2:00.
Saturday night our friend Brad came over and we had pizza together and he brought pain killers a drink he makes that is awesome.  It is made with Pussers rum, orange juice, coconut and pineapple juice.  Boy are they good.  He also brought me a bottle of Pussers rum so I could make my own.  Thank you Brad.
                                                                              Brad & Me
Sunday was the day for departure.  I knew it would be hard since we had been here for six months but I had no idea how hard.  We had lots of friends come by to say see ya.  Brian and Pattie were there.
                                                                   Brian & Patti
Mindy and Joe also came by to see us before we left.
Mindy is the Office Manager so she is the one we worked very closely with and she was just a daughter to us even though she was our boss.  She is the greatest.  We will really miss her but she is supposed to come see us on the coast in North Carolina.  There were many tears shed between the two of us.  Lee was strong even though she was very special to him too.

                                                            Me, Mindy & Lee                
We finally left the campground around 12:30.  We said see ya to Terri, Paul, Dick and Judy.  We were only going to Austin so we only had a couple hour drive.  We had a very nice trip and arrived at the Oak Forest RV Park where we are staying for three nights.  We had a very relaxing night.

This morning we headed out to see the State Capital.  We spent about 3 hours there between the Capital and the exhibits at the Capital Visitors Center.
Austin Capital Building
It has been a great day.  We came back had chicken, fresh corn on the cob and fresh asparagus.  Time to relax for the night and get ready for our next adventure tomorrow.


  1. After being so long there, it must have been hard to say goodbyes and move on. The good thing is, being on the road, you can always go back for a visit! :)

  2. Those pain killers sounds pretty good! :)

    After 6 months, I imagine it was like saying good bye to your family. Thank goodness we have the internet so everyone can keep in touch.

  3. We really miss y'all but know we can stay in touch and will meet again one day. Let's keep in touch!

  4. Pain killer drinks do sound tasty! Perhaps we need to make these when everyone gets together for the Carolina Clan reunion!

  5. So nice to see you blogging so we can hear about your travels!

    Gonna have to try one of those pain killers -- yummy!