Thursday, October 13, 2011

Not Much Happening

On Tuesday we started out with a haircut for Lee.

Have to be handsome for the trip.  I did laundry.  Then we decided we would go to Up In Smoke Barbecue a restaurant just down the road.  We have not eaten Texas BBQ since we have been here.

The food was great.  Probably a good thing we didn't find this restaurant sooner.  Then we went in to town to take some pictures.  West is a Czech town with a population of 2,807.

We had to have a picture of the grocery.  Not like our hometown grocery.

We were having dinner with our friends Judy & Dick Mott.  They fixed a wonderful meal of shrimp creole, green beans with new potatoes and corn.  We had vanilla ice cream and sour cream pound cake for dessert.  We were stuffed but it was delicious.  We told Dick we had to have the recipe.
After visiting for a while it was home to walk Mitzi and to bed.

On Wednesday it was off to Bellmead to get fuel for the truck, Walmart and chicken from Sam's.  We have really been in to getting our fuel at the H-E-B because if you buy a gift card you get a $.11 discount per gallon so we were able to get diesel for $3.42 per gallon.  Our friends Terri and Paul came over for a little while and then Terri had to go home and fix dinner for Paul.  He has to get up at 4:00AM to get ready for work.

Today we did a little better.  I defrosted the freezer, did more laundry.  I am trying to have all the laundry done before we leave on Sunday.  Dick and Judy came by and gave us a bottle of wine Dick had made and some homemade fig preserves.  We were quite excited.  We are really going to miss them.  They just got here and we are leaving.  I packed some things inside and outside for travel.  Our friend Mary left today to go home for the weekend.  She is a college student attending Baylor University.  She came over and we said our see ya's.  We will miss her but hope to stay in touch.  I made a big pot of spaghetti sauce to freeze for our travels.  We work tomorrow so Lee will go in tomorrow morning at 8:00AM and I will make lunch and go in at noon and he will come home eat.  I will work until 2:00pm and we will be finished for the day so we will continue final preparations for travel on Sunday.

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  1. Great posting and pictures and we will miss y'all, too, and will say "see ya" until we meet again!