Monday, October 24, 2011

More History

On Friday it was more history.  We visited the Admiral Nimitz Pacific War Museum.

The tickets are good for two days because there is so much to see.  We got there at 10:00 AM and took a break around noon for lunch.  We went to the Auslander Biergarten Restaurant.  This was a neat German Restaurant.
The food was great.  We both had the Opa Sausage sandwich with German potato salad.  Then it was back to the museum until 4:00 PM.  It was very interesting but Lee enjoyed it a lot more than me but that is okay. The ticket was good for two days.  Now I know why, because you can't see it all in one day.  We saved the Pacific Combat War Zone for Saturday morning.  It was a tour that started on the hour so we were there at 11:00 AM on Saturday morning.  The tour lasted a hour and was very interesting.  At this point I was at history overload.  The only other place we wanted to see while in Fredericksburg was Luckenbach.  When we left the tour of the Pacific Combat War Zone it was off to Luckenback.  When we got there we couldn't go through town because they had the roads blocked for a motorcycle rally.  This was really a bummer when the lady at the road block said they were having an event there for the weekend and it would cost us $10.00 to get in to see what would normally be free.  This was the only day we had left so we reluctantly paid our money.  When we got inside there were so many people and you had to be careful not to get run over by a motorcycle.  They were having the Harvest Classic European Vintage Motorcycle Rally.  This is something our friends Rick and Crystal and Keith and Haley from home would have loved.  We took lots of pictures to show them.  They had pre 1929 Motorcycles.  Check this out.  Before our time.
We took lots of pictures of other years to show them when we get home.  We also got pictures of the post office, a rooster in the tree and the feed lot.

We probably waited in line for thirty minutes for a sausage poor boy and a pulled pork sandwich that cost as much as a good dinner but at least it was really good.  This is definitely something that is not normally in our budget but there was a band that was really good and we saw some really crazy dirt bike stunts.  This guy has to be crazy.
When we left there we went back downtown but that was totally insane because they were having the wine and food festival.  We headed back to the background and chilled for the night to be ready for travel again on Sunday.
Sunday morning is was off to Port Aransas, TX.  We had decided that in our travels since we live on the coast in NC we wanted to see the Gulf Coast.  We had a great travel day and arrived at the Pioneer RV Resort around 4:00 PM.  We got set up and it was off to the boardwalk in the campground to the beach.

                                                                    First view of the ocean
We are here at last.
We are really enjoying it here.  It was great to feel the sand between our toes again.  It will probably be a little too cool at home to sit on the beach in shorts.  This is great.  I haven't downloaded our pictures from today so will post on them tomorrow.

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  1. We can hardly wait to experience the Gulf Coast too.