Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Still in Lousiania

We decided last night we would stay another day.  This morning we got up and Lee was going to start the generator and be sure it was still working.  It would not start again this morning.  We got about another quart of water.  We had purchased gas at an Exxon station in West, TX before we left and that must be where we got the water.  It had run fine until then.  After we got the water out this morning it ran fine.  We were going to call Jim and Elizabeth and let them know we were still here when Elizabeth called us.  We made plans for us to meet for us to take them out for lunch.  Elizabeth suggested Southfield Grill.  The food was delicious.  Lee and I had chicken fried steak which came with three vegetables and bread.  We were stuffed when we left.  We said our see ya's and went to Bass Pro Shop.  We love walking through there and just looking.  We purchased a few things but not much.  Then we headed back to the campground which has a little zoo.

It was really neat.  We enjoyed it and I'm know children really like it.  We saw hawks, owls, foxes, peacocks, pigs, deer, goats and a pony.  He and Lee really connected.

When we got back we had to find somewhere to get propane for one of our tanks on the 5th Wheel.  Lee took it off and we headed out to Bayou Propane.  Mitzi went along on the ride with us.  When we got back he ran the generator again.  When he was finished we walked out to the pier.  The water is so low.

We took a picture of our 5th Wheel from the dock.

It was really great here.  We will be leaving in the morning headed to Thomasville, GA to see Lee's Aunt Gloria. More to come.

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