Monday, November 7, 2011

Thomasville Georgia

We left  Marianna, FL yesterday morning headed to see Lee's Aunt Gloria.  He hasn't seen her in probably forty years.  We had a short drive yesterday and arrived at her house in Thomasville, GA around noon.  We pulled up in front of her house with the 5th wheel since we are mooch docking here. She lives on a dead end road and her house is on one side and there is a house on the other side and no turn around.  Well they were both so glad to see each other when we first arrived no thought was given to how we were going to get the rig parked.  With much patience on both our parts and many directions from me and many maneuvers for Lee  he got it parked perfectly.

We look really good sitting next to Aunt Gloria's House.

We had sandwiches at her house and then she took us out to do some sightseeing.  The first place she took us was to see the Big Oak.

She drove through town so we could see all the old mansions.  They were beautiful.  Some of them have been converted to Bed & Breakfast.  When we got back to her house Lee asked her if the tree in her yard was a pear tree and she said no it is a lemon tree.  It has some of the biggest lemons I have ever seen.

She took us out to dinner at Ruby Tuesday and then it was back home.  Her husband Les had to work yesterday and didn't get off until 7pm and had to be at work at 5am this morning so we only got to see him for a short time.  We were going to leave tomorrow but Les will be off so we are going to stay an extra day so we can spend some time with both of them.

We had a lazy morning.  I went over and had coffee with Aunt Gloria while Lee was still resting and then he went over to spend some time with her.  I caught them eating Biscotti together.  She is the sweetest person you could ever hope to meet.

She said we would make some homemade lemonade.  Now that is something I have never done before so I was really excited.  We were all three involved in the process.  Lee picked the lemons for us.

Aunt Gloria cut them and I worked the juicer.  It was really fun.

When we finished the juicing we put the juice in ice cube trays and put them in the freezer.

Now I can put the ice cubes in a bag in the freezer and when we want lemonade we will add a few to a glass of water.  She is going to give us some lemons to take home so I can make more lemonade.  What fun.  She made chili in the crock pot and a pumpkin pie for dinner and I made a Swiss Cashew Tossed Salad and took some french bread.  We came home after dinner because we knew Les was tired since he had to get up so early this morning.  It has been such a wonderful day.


  1. What a terrific day! Your rig looks bigger than her house :)

  2. Sounds like you guys had a great visit! Seeing those lemons made me think of our house (not ours anymore) that we sold to take to the road. Judging from the size of the fruit I wouess that the lemon tree was a Myers #6! It makes the sweetest, best, biggest lemons ever. I really hated to leave it, my fig tree and our grapefruit trees behind. I guess you will just have to keep going back to see her. But what the hay, You're're freeeee...... Miss ya'll

  3. Hey, this is Judy, and it has been so much fun reading about what's going on. We look forward to hearing about your day with Aunt Gloria and Les. Miss you!